An Exclusive Interview With Ellen Sragow

Date: 24th January 2017

Posted by: printededitions_admin

Sragow Gallery specializes in American Art from the 1930’s- 40’s, and early 1950’s including the WPA era; African American Art and prints from the Hollander Workshop, 1964-72, including Abstract Expressionist prints by artists of the New York School.

Q1. Where are you based and how long has the gallery been dealing in fine prints?

ES: I am in New York City. I started by working in a gallery in SOHO called Prints on Prince Street.It was a gallery representing print publishers here and in Europe.  In 1975 I moved it and called it Prints on Prince Street on West Broadway, and we showed the prints of Richard Prince!!



Q2. How did you start in the art business?

ES: I started in the art business because I had just finished my Masters Degree and needed a job. I worked for Prints on Prince Street and knew nothing about business. My training was in art history and studio classes. I did study with Milton Resnick, Esteban Vicente and Irving Sandler. They all taught me about painting, understanding paint, and the history of Abstract Expressionism.


SRAGOW GALLERY (IFPDA) Untitled Sam Gilliam

Sam Gilliam


Q3. Which artists / art movements do you specialise in?

ES: I specialize in American prints, paintings and works on paper. African American; 30-’s and 40’s; Contemporary; Abstract Expressionist (of course!)

Q4. What were some of the first prints you bought and sold?

ES: Works by Arnulf Rainer, Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman,,Anni Albers,RIchard Anuszkiewicz among others.Also sold photographs before there was a market, by now very famous artists. They sold for $100-$500, such as Paul Outerbridge, Walker Evans, Arnold Newman,Andre Kertesz, among others.


SRAGOW GALLERY (IFPDA) Design Paul Landacre

Paul Landacre


Q5. Who is your personal favourite artist and why?

ES: This is a question I can never answer, along with favorite movie,book,food, etc!

Q6. Which artists do you regard as some of the finest printmakers?

ES: One of my favorite print medias is blockprint. I think 3 of the best wood engravers (20th century) were Paul Landacre, Angelo Pinto and Lou Barlow.


SRAGOW GALLERY (IFPDA) Jitterbugs Louis Barlow

Louis Barlow


Q7. If you could own just one print, which would it be?

ES: Durer’s “Adam and Eve”. I had the opportunity to see it unframed at a museum print  study room and could practically stick my nose into it! Wow!

Q8. Which artists do you have in your personal collection?
ES: Martin Assig; Dox Thrash; Arnold Newman,Bernice Abbott,  Perle Fine , Elizabeth Catlett, a mixed bag!

SRAGOW GALLERY (IFPDA) Automatism A Robert Motherwell

Automatism A
Robert Motherwell


Q9. What are some of your latest acquisitions?

ES: Sam Gilliam, Elizabeth Catlett.

Q10. What advice do you offer collectors when acquiring fine prints?

ES: Buy them from a reputable dealer who can advise you and help build your collection.


SRAGOW GALLERY (IFPDA) Conservatory Jazz Deborah Remington

Conservatory Jazz
Deborah Remington


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