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Curation |  Build It And They Will Come


curated of selection of buildings by celebrated modern and contemporary artists.

Financial District, Howard Cook, Harris Schrank Fine Prints
Holland Hotel, Richard Estes, Sims Reed Gallery
Framework Houses, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Krakow Witkin Gallery
House II #2, Jennifer Bartlett, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
Gallagher’s #3 (Pink), Carolyn Swiszcz, Highpoint Editions
The Oval Office, Roy Lichtenstein, RoGallery
Portico Con Lanterna, Antonio Canal called Canaletto, Stanza del Borgo
Red Barn, Roy Lichtenstein, Fine Art Mia
Deutsche Oper Am Rhein Düsseldorf, Candida Hofer, Vogtle Contemporary
Bankside, Gerd Winner, Gwen Hughes Fine Art
Open House 1, Anita Thacher, VanDeb Editions
City Lane, Armin Landeck, Annex Galleries

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