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Alex Katz Quotes

“I like making something beautiful out of simple things.”


“My paintings are, in fact, realistic, but I want nothing to do with realism.”


“I like to give the viewer a sense that they can walk into the painting.”


“My work is more about perception than representation.”


“If you can make a beautiful painting with a beautiful surface, it’s seductive.”

Alex Katz Quotes

“I like to make paintings that are unpretentious and direct.”


“I’m not interested in narrative, I’m interested in presence.”


“I’m trying to get as close to the edge as possible without falling off.”


“Painting is about seeing and conveying a sense of the world.”

“I want to give the viewer a heightened sense of reality.”


“Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve.”


“I’m interested in capturing the essence of a person or a place.”


“I’m interested in the tension between the image and the surface.”

Alex Katz Quotes
Nicole, 2016, Alex Katz

“I’m trying to make the paint come alive on the canvas.”


“I’m not interested in making a statement, I’m interested in making a painting.”


“I’m attracted to the power of the image.”


“I like to reduce things down to their essential elements.”


“I’m not interested in creating a world, I’m interested in capturing a moment.”


“I want my paintings to have a sense of timelessness.”


“I’m always searching for a balance between abstraction and representation.”