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Guest Curations​

Curations by members who demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and passion for art.

Editions Graphiques | Hans Bellmer

Galerie Henze & Ketterer | Beyond Colour: Expressionism and Printmaking

Emanuel von Baeyer – Cabinet | The Gift Of Bacchus, God Of Wine

Addicted Art Gallery | The Power of Protest Art: Amplifying Voices

Composition Gallery | Beyond the Naked Eye: The Provocative Power of Contemporary Nudity in Art

Woolwich Contemporary Editions | Into The Wild

Galeria Gravura Brasileria | Stars and Stripes Forever!

VanDeb Editions |

Landscape in Printmaking

The White House Gallery | Multiple Print Mediums

Galeria Gravura Brasileira | Swan’s Lake

Addicted Art Gallery | #INYAFACE (In Your Face)

Hidden Gallery | Animals in Art

Lower East Side Printshop | Altered Landscapes

Susan Sheehan Gallery | Illustrating Infinities

Gwen Hughes Fine Art  | On The Move

Editions Graphiques | Epoch

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art | American Pride in Contemporary American Art

Manneken Press | The Master Printer as Artist

Addicted Art Gallery |

The Nature Of Art

iMuseum Vegas | Art & Mathematics 2023

Addicted Art Gallery | The Butterfly Effect 

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art | The Pose

Galerie Henze & Ketterer |

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner & Georg Baselitz in Dialogue

Galeria Gravura Brasileira | A House

Lincoln Center Editions |

Women Luminaries

Manneken Press | I Am Curious (About Yellow)

Galeria Gravura Brasileira | Ruins

Baldwin Contemporary | Damien Hirst – Spot life

Manneken Press | Abstraction In Black & White