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Members' Choice | April 2024

A showcase of fine prints by established and emerging artists personally chosen by member galleries.

Born to be Wiil, David Spiller, Harwood King Printmakers
Corner of Lake and Minnehaha (Blue), Julie Mehretu, Lougher Contemporary
Ouse, Richard Smith, pgr fine art
Tears, Paul Binnie, ebo Gallery
Dangerous Liaisons, Rene Ricard, Petersburg Press
Pine Barrens Tree Frog, Andy Warhol, Revolver Gallery
Growing 4, Keith Haring, Taglialatella Galleries
Colour Chart, Glitter (H3), Damien Hirst, Baldwin Contemporary
Untitled: Boulders, Phyllida Barlow, Dellasposa Gallery
Croiseur, Pierre Roche, Sylvan Cole Gallery
O Alfabeto (The Alphabet), Jacqueline Aronis, Galeria Gravura Brasileira
Scream II, Invader, Composition Gallery
Psalm: Ad te, Domine, levavi, Damien Hirst, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
#537, Peter Feldstein, Manneken Press
Shameless Lies, The Connor Brothers, Addicted Art Gallery
Zaun, Gerhard Richter, MLTPL
Lune En Rodage, Jean Arp, William Chambers Art
Parlay 1, Derrick Adams, Tandem Press
Corner of Lake and Minnehaha (Smoke), Julie Mehretu, Highpoint Editions
Around the House, Hughie O'Donoghue, Stoney Road Press
Dance 4, Julian Opie, Krakow Witkin Gallery
Cannaregio, Ann Aspinwall, Aspinwall Editions
Cardioid with Parabola, Clifford Singer, iMuseum Vegas
Untitled, Donald Judd, Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art
Star of Persia I and Star of Persia II, Frank Stella, Leslie Sacks Gallery
The Flowers Portfolio, Alex Katz, Robin Rosenberg Fine Art
Portrait of the Artist, with Hat (2nd plate), Muirhead Bone, Jan Johnson Old Master Modern Prints
Untitled, John McLaughlin, Susan Sheehan Gallery
In the Field, Serena Perrone, Flatbed Press and Gallery
Tug Hill, Darryl Hughto, VanDeb Editions
Displacements: Karate, Vik Muniz, Graphicstudio