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Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976), the American born artist, was the first of his generation to gain worldwide recognition. Not only was he a sculptor but a painter, lithographer, toy maker, created jewelry and tapestries. Calder did not initially decide on a career as an artist. Instead he enrolled at the Stevens Institute of Technology to study for an engineering degree.

For several years after his graduation he worked as a hydraulics engineer and an automotive engineer. Yet this does not hold him back from being one of the most recognized names in Modern Art. He is the founder of a type kinetic sculpture, the mobile, a term his friend Duchamp coined. It was during the 1920s that Calder’s career as an artist truly began.

In 1923 Calder moved to New York and enrolled at the Art Students League. During this period, his job was that of an illustrator for a Gazette which sent him to the Ringling Brother’s Circus to sketch scenes. Thus, the Circus became a lifelong interest and theme in Calder’s works, such as Acrobat. Calder’s work is often created in primary colours: yellow, red, and blue, with black to define his painting and print works, such as Ribicoff, Evolution Revolution, and McGovern.

While America eventually became his final destination as an artist, he too worked in Paris and was surrounded by other artists such as Duchamp, Arp, and Miro, who were avant-garde and surrealist in style. A Pennsylvania native, many of his kinetic and static sculptures (the latter being more abstract) can be found residing in Pennsylvania.

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