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Edvard Munch is a famous Norwegian painter, known for his psychological-themed and free flowing paintings. His most famous work “The Scream” was sold for a whopping amount of $119 million in the year 2012.

Born on 12th December, 1863, Edvard Munch was a native of Löten municipality of Norway. He had four siblings. His family moved to the Oslo city in the year 1864. He lost his mother at a very tender age of 5 years; she was suffering from tuberculosis. This was the beginning of the series of tragedies that shadowed his life. Later in 1877, his sister also succumbed to tuberculosis, when she was only 15 years of age. His other sister was in a mental hospital for most of the life. Further, his brother died at the age of 30, after suffering from pneumonia.

Initially Munch had enrolled himself in a technical college but left within a year when his strong passion for painting overpowered his interest for engineering. In 1881, Munch joined the prestigious “Royal School of Art and Design”. Following year, he formed a group with 6 other artists and rented one studio. In the same year, he displayed his works at the “Industries and Art Exhibition”.

Munch studied in the art school for 3 years and later started practicing when he was awarded with a scholarship for which he went to Paris. After returning from Paris, he began with some new paintings; “The Sick Child” was one of the notable paintings which he finished in 1886. This painting was noted for capturing intense emotions on a canvas – it was a depiction of his feelings of losing his sister almost nine years ago.

Munch started living in France after his father’s death in 1889. He got funding from state scholarships–embarking on some of the most troubled and most productive years of his life. From 1889 to 1892, he undertook several paintings and later named this series of 22 works as “Frieze of Life”. This series was exhibited in the Berlin exhibition of 1902. The titles of his paintings were enough to convey his mental state. Some of the titles include “Despair”, “Anxiety”, “Melancholy”, “Jealousy” and “The Scream” (or “The Cry”) among others. The style in each of these paintings varied greatly from one another but all the paintings were explicit about Munch’s emotional vulnerability. The series received much appreciation from several artistic schools and soon he became a known name in the world of art. This success brought him some happiness in his otherwise dark life.

Munch’s mental distress was much greater than the happiness he received from his success. In 1900s, he started drinking heavily and in 1908, he got a paralytic attack. He was soon admitted into a sanitarium, where he was able to regain some mental serenity. He left the sanitarium in 1909 and wanted to start with painting again. But these paintings could not surpass the fame of his earlier ones.

Later, Munch moved to Ekely (a place near Oslo) and started living in isolation. He started painting several landscapes; later followed by depiction of his deteriorating health conditions and several physical maladies. He died on 23rd January, 1944 in his country home in Ekely. With his world famous painting “The Scream”, Edvard Munch’s name has got etched in the history of arts forever.

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