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Henri Matisse Biography


Henri Matisse was a French artist known for his use of color and his innovative approach to printmaking. He used a variety of printmaking techniques, including lithography, etching, and aquatint, to create a wide range of prints throughout his career. Matisse’s prints often feature bold, simplified forms and bright, expressive colors.

One of Matisse’s most famous print series is the “Jazz” portfolio, which was published in 1947. The portfolio contains 20 prints, including lithographs and cut-paper collages, that were inspired by Matisse’s love of jazz music. The prints in the “Jazz” portfolio are known for their playful, abstract compositions and their use of vibrant colors.

Another notable print series by Matisse is the “La Danse” and “La Musique” which he created using the technique of pochoir. This technique allowed him to create prints with a high degree of color accuracy and detail.

Henri Matisse is most known for being a painter, but he was also a draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. He began his life studying law in Paris, destined to become a lawyer. However, he suffered a bout of appendicitis and was brought art materials by his mother whilst he recovered. It was at this serendipitous point that Matisse discovered art.

Matisse gained contemporary critical acclaim for upholding the classical styles association with traditional French painting. Towards the end of his life, he experimented with a different medium; using cut paper to form collages.

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