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Rembrandt is widely regarded as one of the finest visual artists of all time and his broad range of styles and subject matters mean he is considered to be the most important artist in Dutch art history. His works portray many themes such as allegorical and history scenes, portraits and self-portraits, biblical and mythological matter, and animal studies and his ability to represent such different visual themes set him apart from many other Dutch artists from the 17th century.

Rembrandt was born on 15 July 1606 and his input into art throughout his career came during the period labelled by historians as the ‘Dutch Golden Age’ because it had such a cultural achievement. This period was regarded as highly innovative, characterised by huge amounts of wealth and paved the way for many other significant new genres.

Rembrandt himself never studied abroad, however his works drew significant influence from Italian masters and Dutch artists who had spent time in Italy. His self-portraits and paintings of bible scenes are often considered to be his ultimate creative achievements and although the latter part of Rembrandt’s career was tainted by personal tragedy and financial difficulty, his legacy continues to impact the lives of people today.

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