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Salvador Dali, the Spanish Surrealist artist, is most known for his Persistence of Memory (1931). In this piece clocks appear to be melted, time is in an unconscious state, and a subliminal message to death is omnipresent through his barren landscape. Dali’s works encompass biomorphic and organic shapes in great abundance often with references to animals and even organs such as in his Accommodations of Desire (1929).

For surrealists, and especially Dali, beauty is not the main goal in their paintings. Neither is geometry. For geometric forms to Dali means control whereas natural and organic forms recall the unconscious mind.

Dali claims his works were meant to terrorise by showing you something that perhaps does exist in the subconscious and is not acknowledged until one looks deeper into his paintings and associations can be made and/or inferred. Dali’s works can also be read as the artist constructing his own psychoanalysis – where some scholars often claim the artist has incorporated his own self portrait into his paintings although hardly recognizable.

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