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The prints of Salvador Dalí are rooted in a rich past. In actuality, Dalí’s prints have a history that dates back to his early years of art school. The young Dalí was taught the fine art of engraving and etching by his mentor. Dalí gained a respect for the technical details of printmaking, a respect he would maintain throughout the rest of his life. The connection between Dalí and graphic prints is in fact intricate and protracted. In his lifetime, Dalí produced just around 1,700 graphic prints. A large number of them are hand-signed, limited-edition editions. Some are regarded as some of the best prints created in the 20th century. Dalí had the ability to experiment with a wide range of subjects through his print work, including etchings, engravings, mixed media, lithographs, and photo-litho. Dalí would produce beautiful suites or single prints. These suites frequently feature a book motif, with the prints acting as the artwork. Among the literary works Dal illustrated were Alice in Wonderland, Hamlet, and The Old Man and the Sea. Other times, similar suites would focus on different subjects, such as flowers (FlorDal), science fiction (Conquest of the Cosmos), or fine print production (Currier and Ives). Dal also produced single prints that showcased his flawless printmaking skills. Prints by Dalí that are among his best include Flower Man, Symphony Bicyclette, Dream Passage, and The Studio of Dalí. Although it might be speculated that Dalí produced many more prints than the “approved” ones we attribute to him today, Dal’s first prints appeared in the 1920s. His superb craftsmanship is seen in works like Head of a Young Girl and
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