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Keith Haring Biography


For Keith Haring, printmaking was an ideal “middle ground,” a means of bridging his original artwork with the affordable clothing, posters, buttons, and other commercially produced items that featured his artwork.

Keith Haring was an American artist who was known for his bold, graphic style and his use of simple shapes and bright colours. He was an active printmaker, creating prints including lithographs, screenprints, and etchings throughout his career. His artworks often depict simplified figures and symbols that are inspired by street culture, graffiti and popular culture.

One of Haring’s most famous print series is the “Radiant Baby” print, which depicts a crawling baby with a halo of rays surrounding it. The image was a recurring motif in Haring’s art, and it came to symbolise hope, regeneration, and the innocence of childhood.

Another notable print series by Haring is the “Untitled” from 1983, it is a screenprint that featured Haring’s iconic figures, including barking dogs, crawling babies and flying saucers.

Keith Haring was a politically and socially engaged artist whose works reflected the major concerns of the time and place he was working. His star burned briefly and brightly in the 1980s before his untimely death at the age of 31 in 1990, from an AIDS-related illness. American-born Haring was heavily influenced by New York street art, and he rose to prominence with his graffiti on the New York subway. He also created collages out of New York Post headlines and used paper, metal and plastic to express his vision.

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