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Alexander Calder Biography


Alexander Calder was an American artist best known for his innovative sculptures, often referred to as “mobiles” or “stabile sculptures”. As an accomplished printmaker, Alexander Calder prints are highly sought after by collectors.

Calder’s printmaking career began in the 1920s, when he created his first linocuts and woodcuts. He later experimented with etching, lithography, and screenprinting. Alexander Calder prints often feature bold, abstract shapes and colours, and his signature sense of movement and whimsy.

One of Calder’s most famous print series is his “Circus” lithographs, which depict his miniature circus made of wire, cloth, and other found objects. Another popular series is his “Constellations” lithographs, which feature abstract shapes and lines that resemble celestial bodies.

In 1976, as a protest against the Vietnam war, Calder refused to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom offered to him by President Gerald Ford. It was awarded to him after he died the following year. 

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