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Printmaker and painter Fujio Yoshida was born on October 5, 1887, in Tokyo, Japan. A descendent of the family of noted woodcut artists, Fujio would become the first female member of the Yoshida family to learn the art of color woodcut, training in the workshop of her father Kasaburo Yoshida. She would also studied at Fudosha, a renowned private school focused on Western styles (yo-ga). Fujio was one of four girls born to Kasaburo and Rui Yoshida, and she was introduced to Western-style art theory from an early age. Among the mediums she trained in were oil and watercolor paints as well as color woodcuts in the ukioyo-e style. As there was no allowance for female inheritance of businesses at the time, Kasaburo, fearing that he and Rui would never have a son, had to find a male intern to take over the family’s printshop. He chose his most talented student, Hiroshi Ueda, for the job. Hiroshi would become so favored by Kasaburo that he was eventually adopted into the family, taking on the Yoshida surname. After Kasaburo’s death, Hiroshi, recognizing Fujio’s talent, encouraged her to enroll in courses in the leading studios of Tokyo, and in 1903, the two artists traveled to the United States to exhibit throughout the East Coast. Fujio was just sixteen and she was welcomed by Western artists as a phenomenon, finding nearly as much financial success as her adopted brother. Fujio would return to the U.S. several times prior to the Second World War, to much acclaim, later garnering comparisons to leading American artists of the mid century. The Yoshidas stayed in the U.S. until 1905 when

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