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Miles Aldridge is a contemporary British fashion photographer, artist and illustrator currently working in London.  During his childhood in London, Aldridge was surrounded by celebrities, which could be seen to have sparked an innate interest in popular culture from an early age. His work responds to current themes of religion and art in modern society.

Aldridge studied illustration and graphic design at Central St Martins. Throughout his career, he went on to explore a range art forms; from playing in The X-Men, an alternative rock band, to producing advertising photography for many companies. He has also directed music videos for renowned, successful alternative bands such as The Charlatans and The Verve.

He is best known for his postmodern photographs of women, which are characterized by their vivid fluorescent colours. Aldridge has an eye for detail. Using bright lighting, he creates a surreal world, which often features women in domestic settings. An underlying darkness runs through the glamorous, cinematic images, creating a sense of uneasiness for the viewer.

Showcased in portrait galleries across the globe, his work is now held in permanent collections within the National Portrait Gallery and The Victoria in London, and The International Centre of Photography in New York. He has also been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times Magazine.

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