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Mimmo Paladino Biography

Italian Mimmo Paladino attended Benevento Art High School in the 1960s, during the height of popular trends like conceptualism and minimalism. He is an accomplished printmaker and sculptor as well as a painter, and he played a central role in the 1970s revival of painted art. Mimmo Paladino had created his two significant tempera murals by 1977, which helped to secure his reputation as an artist on the global stage. One of the murals was shown at the Toselli Gallery in Milan, while the other appeared in Naples, at the Lucio Amelio gallery.

Mimmo Paladino’s sculptural work began in the 1980s. Invitations to exhibit this work soon followed from a wide variety of galleries. He was a key participant in 1981’s “A New Spirit In Painting” show at the Royal Academy of Art in London. His work during the 1990s was exhibited in such prestigious locations as the Sao Paolo Museu de Arte, the Villa delle Rose in Bologna, Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Belvedere in Prague, bolstering his international reputation. Paladino’s subsequent works have included a multimedia ode to Don Quixote involving drawings, paintings, sculptures, and film, exhibited at the Museo Capodimonte in Naples, in 2005.

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