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Peter Blake Biography

Peter Blake was born Peter Thomas Blake in England. He is a famous English pop artist. Blake was personally educated at the Gravesend Technical College School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. Peter Blake is known mainly for both painting and printmaking. Without a doubt, one of the most renowned of all his works, is no other than for the co-creating of the sleeve design that went along with the Beatles album called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was during the late 1950s, that Peter did become one of the very best known, amid all of the British pop artists.

Peter Blake’s art imagery during the 1950s was imagery that did come mainly from advertisements, music hall entertainment, and wrestlers too. Collaged elements were often included in these works. Blake did manage to get included in group exhibitions that happened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and he was able to have his very first solo exhibition gig in 1960. Blake became synonymous with, as well as, identified with the then emerging British Pop Art movement. A lot of Peter Blake’s early works of art is something that is dominated by two things. These two major subjects or major things are no other than the world of the circus and naturalistic type paintings that do have autobiographic elements about them. Blake was an artist who was very successful at combining the imitation of the popular world that is all about event posters with portraits. Blake did paint collage-like pictures of famous pop musicians and film stars. He also produced assemblages that were made from recycled paper material, postcards, and other things. Blake didn’t limit himself to collages. He also worked with the medium of imitation in a very big way. Blake is an artist that is famed for his very realistic style, flair, and approach to art.

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