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Sarah Morris is an UK-born American artist who produces works in two separate genres but which she describes as “two sides of the same coin”. Painter and filmmaker, she is best known for her dramatic abstract paintings often taking on features of urban architectural lines, using bold vivid colours and titles from bureaucratic institutions. Her paintings are usually set out on square canvas, set up in grid-like fashion and executed with high-gloss paint. Her films, which usually reference visually and thematically alongside her paintings, focuses on the psychology of the dynamics of a city or individuals.

Sarah Morris experiments and makes use of all different types of cinematography. She explores every avenue when it comes to her filmmaking, not being afraid of showing the high life alongside the low life. Her films about Chicago, Los Angeles and Rio all portray urban scenes but also delve into the politics, the industry and the leisure that is all interlinked. Other films also focus on individual viewpoints such as a psychologist’s in 1972 during a terrorist attack, or a screenwriter and producer on the industry politics of Hollywood in Robert Towne. Morris has shown internationally as well as having solo exhibitions in places such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Paris.

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