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American Pride in Contemporary American Art – A guest curation by Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art

Art has always been a representation of a sign of the times, the environment of society, the thoughts of the people, whether literal or abstract.  Artists have used their talents to express their views, sometimes in protest, and sometimes in pride. There are several American artists that have expressed their views both in protest and in pride of America. This is in fact, the core of what America is about.  


Citizens can protest issues of their government, and also love their country. Many of the most important American artist in history have also done the same.  As many times as these artists have expressed protest, frustration, or negativity of the government or country in their artwork, they still express positivity, love, and pride of their country.  Below are some examples of these American artists who have express Pride in America. 


Two Flags, Jasper Johns, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
Liberty ’76, Robert Indiana, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
I Love Liberty (C. 192), Roy Lichtenstein, Taglialatella Galleries
Statue of Liberty, Keith Haring, Taglialatella Galleries
Brake (Stoned Moon Series), Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Fontaine Gallery
The Oval Office, Roy Lichtenstein, RoGallery
Moon Box, James Rosenquist, Composition Gallery
Moonwalk, Blue And Pink (FS II.405), Andy Warhol, Revolver Gallery
Uncle Sam (FS II.259), Andy Warhol, Revolver Gallery
Miss Liberty, Mel Ramos, MLTPL
Untitled (Flag), Robert Longo, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
Still Life with Blowing Curtain (Yellow), Tom Wesselmann, Winwood Gallery