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View Of Dawn From The Tropics-roy by Julian Schnabel

View Of Dawn From The Tropics-roy by Julian Schnabel

Vertu Fine Art



Edition Size: 90

Image Size: 45 X 36 inches

Sheet Size: 45 X 36 inches


Condition: Excellent

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Hand painted 15-17 color screenprint with poured resin

Price on Application

The Artist

Julian Schnabel

Julian Schnabel is an American artist and filmmaker born in Brooklyn in October 1951. He was a leading figure in the Neo-Expressionist movement. Known as ‘bad boy’ of the 1980’s American art world, he sought to restore the practise of painting to its pre-abstraction status, along with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Salle. Their animated, expressive nature stood in contrast to the Conceptualist and Minimalist art of the time. Balancing technicality with emotional resonance, Schnabel restored sentience to painting. He renounced flatness and optioned for unconventional supports such as cardboard, black velvet, and weathered tarpaulins. Julian Schnabel attracted attention for his ‘plate paintings’, where he placed unconventional materials, frequently broken pottery, to large scale pieces set on broken ceramic plates. In 1979, he established himself in his one man show and proceeded to gain international recognition, taking his solo exhibits around the globe. In the 1990s, Julian Schnabel flourished as a film director. He explored various platforms such as photography, music, and film. In 1996 he co-wrote and directed Basquiat, based on the life of his peer, Jean-Michel Basquiat. His subsequent films, Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly have gone on to achieve widespread critical acclaim.

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