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Paul Stolper + ICA Editions


12 January – 16 February 2019

Paul Stolper and The Institute of Contemporary Arts are pleased to announce a joint exhibition of Artists’ Editions at Paul Stolper Gallery, opening 12 January 2019. The exhibition showcases a collection of rare editions by Peter Blake, Adam Chodzko, Mat Collishaw, Keith Coventry, Jeremy Deller, Brian Eno, Marcus Harvey, Jenny Holzer, Roger Hiorns, Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas, Vinca Petersen, Peter Saville, Bob & Roberta Smith, Frances Stark, Gavin Turk and Cerith Wyn Evans.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to view a selection of important editions from the last 40 years. From Peter Blake’s ‘Art Jak’, commissioned by the ICA in 1978 to raise funds for the institution, to Jeremy Deller’s iconic and catalysing print ‘The History of the World’, published by Paul Stolper in 1998, to Jenny Holzer’s pivotal ‘Inflammatory Essays’, first fly-posted around New York in the late 1970’s and then created as an edition for the ICA in 1993. The works as a whole give a real insight into the multifarious nature of editions and print production, and explore the potential of the format and the numerous ways that artists have engaged with the editioning process.

The exhibition is inspired by conversations between Paul Stolper, Stefan Kalmár (ICA Director) and Charlotte Barnard (ICA Artists’ Editions) on the radical history and potential of the editioned artwork; freeing the artist from the demands of their primary practice or gallery expectations. Working together for the first time, the collaboration is a celebration of the medium and demonstrates the ICA and Paul Stolper’s commitment to edition production.


Elvis in Paris
Peter Blake


Helica Cadmium Red (Tails)
Brian Eno


History of the World
Jeremy Deller


Trowbridge Estate
Keith Coventry


Blue Moon
Mat Collishaw


Chromium Pleasure
Peter Saville


Gary Hume


CA Art Jak
Peter Blake


Ali and Frisbee
Vinca Petersen


Notes to editors

Paul Stolper Gallery is a contemporary London art gallery and a leading publisher of contemporary editions. Established in 1998, the gallery works directly with artists to publish limited edition prints and sculptures while also running an exhibition programme in the gallery throughout the year.

Founded in 1946, the ICA leads the debate in contemporary art and culture. From its home on The Mall, at the heart of the UK establishment, the ICA supports interdisciplinary practice, encouraging artists to experiment and explore new ideas. ICA Artists’ Editions were inaugurated in 1991 and are made specially for the Institute by some of the most interesting artists working today. The sale of these editions supports the ICA’s progressive programme, with all proceeds going directly towards supporting artists and nurturing the development of transformative ideas.

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