Krakow Witkin Gallery began exhibiting artists in 1959 and has been in its 10 Newbury Street Boston location since 1983. The gallery’s prior incarnations are Barbara Krakow Gallery, Harcus Krakow Gallery, Harcus Krakow Rosen Sonnabend, Parker 470 and Carriage House Gallery.

Krakow Witkin Gallery has a commitment to an extensive, yet focused group of artists known as part of the movements commonly called “Minimalism” and/or “conceptual art,” along with younger artists who have come to renown since the 1960s with reductivist aesthetics. The gallery’s exhibition program runs three shows simultaneously with six to seven rotations over the course of the September – July season. During each cycle, there is one larger show, one smaller show and one show of a single work. This juxtaposition of types of exhibition gives viewers three different rigorous contexts with which to view work and consider various ideas of presentation.

We are available to assist the public in many ways – from discussing the art, to issues of evaluation, purchasing (the gallery has a deep inventory of art available for purchase from $1,200 and beyond), framing, shipping, insuring, installing, conserving and even de-accessioning (selling). The gallery encourages and welcomes all viewers by demystifying contemporary art and providing an educationally-rich, friendly, open and welcome environment in which to observe, study and learn about the art and artists.

Furthermore, as long-standing members of the greater Boston community, the gallery is devoted to participating in and supporting local communities. We would be happy to suggest activities, people and places to explore and/or connect with in the greater Boston area.

Krakow Witkin Gallery (IFPDA)
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Some of the artists available at Krakow Witkin Gallery (IFPDA)