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Bringing together collectors and galleries

Printed Editions was launched in 2010 to bring together art collectors and print dealers so that they can deal directly together and build long-term relationships. For collectors, this means that they can source fine prints from a network of trusted galleries and dealers worldwide. For galleries, this allows them to gain access to informed collectors worldwide.


Passion for prints

With a genuine passion for fine prints, Printed Editions recognises printmaking as a distinctive creative art form and media, appreciating that fine prints has a unique place within the art world with its own market.


Prints for collectors

Printed Editions is keen to give collectors access to fine examples of rare and collectable prints by both established and emerging artists. Collectors can source and purchase prints by Old Masters, Early Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artists.

Printed Edition is also keen that collectors discover prints by lesser known artists, many of whom have a large following and collector base. These lesser known artists represent many of today’s leading printmakers.


Working with galleries

We support, partner with, and are endorsed by many of the world’s leading print dealers, galleries and print studios. These galleries deal in both primary and secondary prints.

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