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Barbara Alper Biography

Barbara Alper is an American photographer who lives and works in New York. She has spent many years returning to Rockaway beach recording its unique character in atmospheric black and white images, and her colour images often feature the diverse characters of New York City.

Her sense of adventure has means that she has also traveled worldwide in pursuit of great photographs. Her ‘Sex-play’ series in the 1980’s captured different kinds of play at adult locations around the world. She has photographed the famous and the not so famous, has ventured underwater for her series Sea Samba and into macro flower photography for her remarkable close ups of orchids.

Her clients have included The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, Business Week and Condé Nast. She has exhibited widely and her photographs are included in major collections including The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, FNAC, Bibliothéque Nationale Paris, International Center of Photography, New York Public Library and The Brooklyn Museum in New York.

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