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Birgit Megerle Biography

Birgit Megerle is a german female artist born in Geisingen (DE) in 1975.
Birgit Megerle’s first verified exhibition was Akademie Isotrop at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in Stuttgart in 1997, and the most recent exhibition was An Ego of her Own at Kaufmann Repetto in New York City, NY in 2021. Birgit Megerle is most frequently exhibited in Germany, but also had exhibitions in Austria, Italy and elsewhere. Megerle has at least 14 solo shows and 56 group shows over the last 24 years (for more information, see biography). Megerle has also been in no less than 12 art fairs and in two biennials. A notable show was Prague Biennale 2 at Karlin Hall in Prague in 2005. Other notable shows were at Kunst-Werke Berlin – KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and ARTIUM – Basque Museum Center of Contemporary Art in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Birgit Megerle has been exhibited with André Butzer and Jonathan Meese.

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