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Charming Baker Biography

A former student of the prestigious Central St Martin’s, British Artist Charming Baker has had a series of sold out shows in NYC, LA and London, displayed work in the Victoria and Albert Museum and was a presenter for SKY ARTS The Art Show. Known to purposefully damage his work by drilling, cutting and even shooting it, Baker intentionally puts in to question the preciousness of art and the definition of its beauty, adding to the emotive charge of the work he produces.

Although primarily a painter, Baker has produced sculptural pieces in a wide and varied choice of material. He also continues to make prints to cater to a demographic unable to purchase an original. Indeed Baker, who had never even been to an art gallery until he was 16, wants his work to be accessible to everyone. “It is important
to me that art speaks to all people, and also at some level, it entertains. People shouldn’t feel excluded from its ideas, or its message, or even from owning a piece.”

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