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Untitled (bloom) by Fred Tomaselli

Untitled (bloom) by Fred Tomaselli


Pigment Print


Edition Size: 25

Sheet Size: 58 x 46 inches


Condition: Pristine

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Archival pigment print with 11-run screenprint

In his Graphicstudio edition, Untitled (bloom), Tomaselli continues his exploration of photogram-based work with which he has been experimenting since the 90s. The leaves in the backgrounds of the Bloom series come directly from his garden. Tomaselli begins by placing the leaves onto photo paper, exposing them to light and then developing the image. The overlapping leaves reveal white areas that he then begins to paint within to mimic flowers blooming out of the grayscale leaves. As mentioned in 1843 Magazine, Tomaselli explains the photograms are “a necessary corrective to my preoccupation with mass media. They are quiet, personal and informed solely by the shape of nature.” The outcome is a work of art which communicates the idea that the insanities and horrors of the present don’t diminish the beauty of nature existing in the world.


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