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British artist and poet Julian Trevelyan was born in 1910 and his working life spanned over 65 years. Despite having received no formal training, his work had a broad appeal. He joined Stanley Hayter’s atelier in 1931, resulting in him working alongside esteemed artists such as Picasso, Ernst and Miro.

Working with these artists inspired him to try surrealism, and he became one of the founding members of the British Surrealist Group. He taught history of art at the Chelsea School of art and then engraving at the Royal College of Art; his student roll call including esteemed artists such as David Hockney and Norman Ackroyd.

Trevelyan bought Durham Wharf in 1935, a residence beside the River Thames, that would become both his home and workplace for the rest of his life, and was often cited as a key source of inspiration for his works. His first exhibition was in 1937 at the Lefevre Gallery, London. Later exhibitions included the Bloomsbury Gallery, Messum’s and the New Burlington Gallery. Trevelyan was awarded a Senior Fellowship at the Royal College of Art in London in 1986. The Tate Gallery in London stocks over 100 of Trevelyan’s artworks.

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