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Mark Neville is a British photographer known for photographic projects, like Parade for which he was shortlisted for the Deutsche Borse prize. These connect art and social documentary practices.

Using still and moving image works in tandem with photobooks, Neville’s projects are often specifically created for the communities that he portrays. Typically focusing on rural or marginalised areas with a close-knit population, Neville often spends years developing his projects in a collaborative process intended to have a direct, practical impact on the people involved.

For Parade (2020) Neville photographed different agribusinesses in the community, blurring lines between constructed and documentary imagery, The resulting images and photobook are now accompanied by a publication of essays by Brittany farmers about the need for a sustainable, humane, even ecotopian type of agriculture.

Neville studied Fine Arts at Reading University, Berkshire; Goldsmiths’ College in London and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His work is included in many international collections such as Arts Council of England and National Galleries of Scotland.

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