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Michael Levin (Canadian) is a photographer, best known for his ethereal black and white landscapes. The first professional photographer to earn the Paris-based PX3 Award twice, Levin competed with over 10,000 entries from 48 countries in 2009. Considered Europe’s biggest and most prestigious competition, the PX3 Awards are juried by internationally recognized creative directors, curators, and art directors, including the curator of photography for the Library of Congress and Time magazine’s world picture editor.

Levin has exhibited his photographs in galleries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He has received many other distinctions, including Professional Photographer of the Year at the 2006 International Photography Awards in New York. Levin’s photographs have been featured in many publications, including B&W (in the United States and UK) and Silvershotz magazine (Australia). In the spring of 2009, Dewi Lewis published Levin’s first monograph to great critical acclaim. ZEBRATO earned Levin two Book of the Year honors, and was a top selection on amazon.com.

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