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Minhong Pyo Biography

Minhong Pyo is a Korean artist who carefully examines the interface between the real and imaginary by both constructing his own worlds which he then photographs or by taking enigmatic photographs of the real world. All images are then manipulated to further blur the boundaries of reality.

A photograph is often seen as a window to absolute truth, reproducing what is seen and what is present. However, not only is the camera only providing one version of many truths but what it captures can also be easily distorted and manipulated by the artist. A photograph is not a memory, but a representation of a memory; it does not tell a story, but represents an image that might influence the telling of a story.

Pyo wants us to question or perception of the world with works that are at once recognisable but which however are not clearly explained or defined. One is never able to precisely identify a face or a setting and the viewer is prompted to conceive what is the picture and what lies beyond. This presents the opportunity for an intimate interaction. The viewer looks within their own memories in an attempt to relate to the familiar within the works whilst at the same time attaching personal meanings.

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