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Robert Boissard Biography

(1570? - 1601?)

Robert Boissard was a French engraver known for his work during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He was a member of a prominent family of engravers and print publishers in France. While his exact birth and death dates are not well-documented, he is noted for his contributions to the field of printmaking during the Renaissance and the early Baroque periods.

Robert Boissard is perhaps most famous for his series of engraved portrait prints titled “The Iconography” or “Theatrum Vitae Humanae” (The Theater of Human Life). This series consisted of numerous engraved portraits of notable individuals from various walks of life, including scholars, rulers, artists, and philosophers. These portraits were often accompanied by brief biographical information about the subjects.

“The Iconography” was a significant undertaking and was published over several years, from the late 16th century into the early 17th century. Boissard’s work in this series contributed to the growing popularity of engraved portraits during this era and served as an important historical record of influential figures of his time.

Boissard’s engravings were highly regarded for their detailed and skillful execution, and they are considered important examples of early portrait engraving in Europe. While not as widely known as some of his contemporaries, his work remains of interest to art historians and collectors of antique prints.

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