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I Never Asked to Fall in Love by Tracey Emin

I Never Asked to Fall in Love by Tracey Emin

3nd Gallery

Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: N/A

Sheet Size: 40 x 50 cm


Condition: Pristine

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I Never Asked to Fall in Love

By Tracey Emin


A fabulous and sought after print from the Emin / Munch exhibition.

Tracey Emin is a notable and prolific British artist recognized for her place in the Young British Artists movement of the 1990s.  Tracey Emin’s tent containing all the names of everyone she ever slept with raised eyebrows.  Her conceptual piece ‘My Bed’ a dishevelled and unhygienic art students bed inspired by a four day depressive episode when she stayed in bed and consumed nothing but alcohol.

The piece was met with mockery, some critics treated it as a farce and that anyone could display a bed, Emin replied “Well, they didn’t, did they? No one had ever done that before.”

40 x 50 cm

Offset lithograph



The Artist

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is an English contemporary artist who was born in 1963. She works across a variety of mediums such as needlework, painting, sculptures, video, photography, drawing and installation. The content of Emin’s work often reflects elements of the expressive and confessional and her installations are bold and profound, as she is unafraid to depict aspects of her own life to form her compositions. At the Royal Academy of Arts, Emin offers advice and talks to developing artists in her position as Professor of Drawing. She is sometimes considered in relation to the Stuckism group, which was founded by her previous partner, Billy Childish, after suggesting that Emin was stuck in the past.

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