The Suite Vollard – Pablo Picasso

Faune dévoilant une Dormeuse (12 June 1936, Paris) Sugarlift aquatint (Bloch 230; Baer 609.VI.B.c) Vollard Suite

The Suite Vollard (Bloch 134 – Bloch 234) by Elizabeth Manchester for the John Szoke Gallery (IFPDA) Around 1927, the famed dealer Ambroise Vollard commissioned a suite of one hundred prints from … [Read more...]

Art Periods – Why Do Artists Have Them?

Visiting Animals Paula Rego

Every notable artist has a distinct style that you can spot across a room – you’d never mistake a Pollack for a Magritte as you wander the halls of the MOMA. Even so, an artist’s work drastically … [Read more...]