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On the Move – A guest curation by Gwen Hughes Fine Art


Now that things are beginning to open up again (post COVID lockdown), here is a selection of prints inspired by travel and modes of transport. Spanning a range from the mid 17th century to today, so many different ways of getting about.

Orange Tube (London Transport), Gerd Winner, Gwen Hughes Fine Art
Banking at 4000 Feet, C. R. W. Nevinson, Osborne Samuel Gallery
Purple Transit Circle, Humphrey Ocean, Kip Gresham Editions
Flight Into Egypt: Crossing a Brook, Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt, Christopher-Clark Fine Art
In der Tram (On the Tram), Erich Heckel, Galerie Henze & Ketterer
AAD, Gerald Laing, RedHouse Gallery
Nos 6, Charles Avery, Paupers Press
Les Loisirs sur Rouge with Red Backround, Fernand Leger, Robert Fontaine Gallery
Penny Passengers, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Harris Schrank Fine Prints
From The Motorway, Gail Brodholt, Eames Fine Art
Roller Rover, William Wegman, FEUTEU