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Members' Choice | June 2024

A showcase of fine prints by established and emerging artists personally chosen by member galleries.

Man Woman Man, Decio Pignatari, Galeria Gravura Brasileira
Girl With A Balloon, Banksy, Baldwin Contemporary
Salle du XVIIeme Portraits des Peintres de la Cour, No. 1, Versailles, Robert Polidori, Robin Rosenberg Fine Art
Still-life On Vermillion, Craigie Aitchison, Pomegranate Fine Art
Tout-a-coup, Helen Frankenthaler, Jim Kempner Fine Art
The Dancer, João de Castro, Addicted Art Gallery
In the Field, Serena Perrone, Flatbed Press and Gallery
Odalisque (L’Odalisque Couchée), Edouard Manet, Sylvan Cole Gallery
Woody Bay, Damien Hirst, Clifton Gallery
Blue Curve, Ellsworth Kelly, Krakow Witkin Gallery
Schrungle, Kenny Scharf, Kenneth A. Friedman & Co.
Le Bucoliques #6, Jacques Villon, Chicago Fine Prints
Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis, Felipe Pantone, Composition Gallery
Cubes in Color on Color (Red Green), Sol LeWitt, InvesArt Gallery
Reconstruction (Helsinki), Blaise Drummond, Stoney Road Press
Papago Slide, Karl Hofmann, Interbang Press
Flap #4, Kate Petley, Manneken Press
Arc Length Of A Curve, Clifford Singer, iMuseum Vegas
Measure for Measure, Bridget Riley, Lougher Contemporary
Karma Juggler, Do Ho Suh, Highpoint Editions
Braunwald, Ellsworth Kelly, MLTPL
Mao (FS II.95), Andy Warhol, Taglialatella Galleries
Retour à la Caverne Acte I, 20h40, Palais Garnier, JR, Art Edition-Fils - Fils Fine Arts
Plate 12, from: Le Cocu Magnifique, Pablo Picasso, Shapero Modern
Selbstbildnis mit Gattin (Self Portrait with wife), Lovis Corinth, Emanuel von Baeyer - Cabinet
Red Curve (Radius of 8′), Ellsworth Kelly, Susan Sheehan Gallery
Trafalgar Square, Chas Laborde, Editions Graphiques
Map of the West Indies, 1790. Born Alone, Die Alone, Umar Rashid, Foreign & Domestic Editions
Like-Able Suite, Suzanne McClelland, Flying Horse Editions
Macbeth, Large, Charlotte Rose, Enter Gallery