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Victór Mira


Mira traveled across Spain to different places such as Madrid, Barcelona or Pamplona. Already in 1968, during the Franco dictatorship (1939-1975), Mira had emigrated to Germany. And commuted between Zaragoza, Munich and New York. Mira was best known for his paintings, prints and sculptures, which he understood as a confrontation with death. Crosses and skulls were the main motifs of his often dark-colored works. For some critics, he was an heir to master Francisco de Goya. In 1975 he published El libro de las dos hojas, and in 1978 Aesthetics kebrada aragonesa. In addition to the publications he began to work on his book Tierra in 1979, and at the beginning of the eighties he prepared his book of prints One Hundred Images of Africa, to be published years later, in 1996 specifically. Publications followed both books and posters in international journals, as happened with a mere crisis is not enough in 1993 or “The two most clever sons of Salvador Dalí” in 1998 (MACBA, Barcelona). Of this decade we must mention the invitation of the artist Antonio Saura to Mira to participate in the commemorative exhibition of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Goya, in Zaragoza, in 1996. He will conclude this decade with his first photographic exhibition in New York.
Víctor Mira died in November 2003 after throwing himself on the tracks of a metropolitan train near Munich, shortly after his house was set on fire in the neighboring town of Breitbrunn.


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