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Painter Danielle Orchard advances the forms of twentieth-century modernism and the mood of twenty-first-century narratives. She maintains a consistent interest in the figure and what she recognizes as the “anxiety around intimacy” by pulling from moments in art history when the human figure has been used to indicate an “otherwise hidden psychological position.” Her confident use of line and color gives her work an air of immediacy while allowing for extended gestures of rendering and stylization.

Orchard is the third recipient of the Frederick Hammersley Artist Residency at Tamarind Institute, and her work inspired the 2019 symposium Head Of A Woman: Redressing the Parallel Histories of Collaborative Printmaking and the Women’s Movement. She was prolific in the studio during her time in the workshop, creating numerous artist proofs, eight of which Tamarind published as editions, including a series of bathers, portraits, and a still life composition. With each print, Orchard explores a female figure, or evidence thereof, situated within intimate spaces, and furthers her use of line and color.

Orchard holds an MFA from Hunter College and is represented by Jack Hanley Gallery in New York City. Recent exhibitions include Pack Den Badeanzug Ein at Galerie Kornfeld, A Little Louder, Love at Jack Hanley Gallery, Embodiment at D.C. Moore Gallery, and Fauve at Geoffrey Young Gallery.



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