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Fabienne Delacroix, the youngest daughter of naïf master painter Michel Delacroix, is internationally celebrated for her charming and nostalgic depictions of the French country- and seaside. Although her work can be linked stylistically to her father’s, she has certainly distinguished herself as a unique and talented artist in her own right.

She has a mastery of light and color that is similar to that of French Impressionists. She paints not only with acrylics but also with gouache and watercolor. Until recently, Fabienne was known mainly for her seascapes and pastoral landscapes while her father was renowned for his Parisian cityscapes. However, at the end of 2014, Michel retired from painting and passed his legacy to Fabienne, who has now expanded her lists of subjects to include the streets of Paris. Like her father’s, Fabienne’s Paris is an older, simpler one with horse-drawn carriages filling the streets. Although she is now carrying on her father’s work, Fabienne continues to paint the French countryside, seaside, and sometimes even New York City and Boston with her signature flair. She currently lives and works in Paris, France.

Fabienne Delacroix’s subjects range from quiet, domestic interiors to convivial park scenes and serene rainy days to luminous seascapes and harbors; she offers views of the open-air market in France, New York’s own Central Park in autumn, and children playing in the snow. Although the content varies greatly, all her works capture the spirit of the changing seasons in a quainter, quieter vision of the past. Her pieces are at once playful, joyous, and lyrical and her works are saturated with an undeniable love and admiration for the seasons she depicts and the people and families living in her little worlds.

Born in 1972 to a family of artists, Fabienne was first exposed to art by her father, Michel Delacroix. At just ten years old, she exhibited her paintings for the first time at a gallery in Carmel, California; the show completely sold out. Since 1996 she has devoted herself entirely to painting. She has had numerous successful exhibitions across the US and abroad. Her artwork is held privately and publicly, including within the permanent collections of the International Museum of Naive Art of Magog (Magog, Canada) and the Salon of Naive and Intuitive Art (Belogradchik, Bulgaria).

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