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  • BARE FEET, New York, USA by Florian Innerkofler

BARE FEET, New York, USA by Florian Innerkofler

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Archival Pigment Print


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Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Archival pigment print on paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

– Regular Format: 1 to 25 + 2 AP
– Medium Format: 1 to 5 + 2 AP
– Large Format: 1 to 5 + 2 AP
– XL Format: 1 to 5 + 2 AP

– Regular Format: 50.8cm x 38.1cm
– Medium Format: 76.2cm x 57.2cm
– Large Format: 101.6cm x 76.2cm
– XL Format: 152.4cm x 114.3cm

Good To Know: Printed to order on premium paper with 5.1cm white border, shipped direct from the artist’s studio

– Regular Format: USD $900
– Medium Format: USD $2,300
– Large Format: USD $2,900
– XL Format: USD $3,950

Prices: Free international shipping, excludes applicable import duties / charges.


Arty-Fact:SKIN, BACK and BARE FEET are my SCULPTED series’ first three images.

“I am fascinated by Greek and Roman historic marble statues. The idealised physique of the male and female body was and is a constant inspiration. The perfect chiselled shapes and proportions. The smooth skin. It is an ideal 3-dimensional mapping of the human body.

“Through layers of pastel colour blocks and the monochromatic black and white image, I wanted to approach this world with a more contemporary look. I also incorporated a multi-exposure layer, which shows the black-and-white photo in different graduations and densities. This is a classic darkroom technique where you would do exposure strips with various exposure times to find your perfect combination of time and light to expose the final image. It is a strip exposure technique.

“Combining classic human body shapes with the double layer of exposure and colour blocks is a new chapter in my photographic storytelling.” ~ Florian Innerkofler



The Artist

Florian Innerkofler

Florian Innerkofler (b. 1977) is a Canadian contemporary photographer born in Innsbruck, Austria. He graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Innsbruck, during which time he began his photography journey. Florian moved to Vienna after graduating cum laude from the State School of Photography. He assisted renowned photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich for multiple years and worked with Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman. As a photographer, Florian travels around the globe on assignments from New York City to Tokyo, exploring East and West and even reaching the remote Arctic Circle. He works for magazines and clients as diverse as Vogue Beauty, Glamour, Marie Claire, L’Orèal Paris, Rimmel London and Universal Music, to name a few. Florian has established himself in the fine art scene with his limited-edition fine art prints. His premier exhibition in Toronto, GLOBUS, showcased a curated collection of photographs captured through his lens. Recently his artwork was featured in the Style section of Toronto’s leading newspapers, the Globe and Mail. Florian’s solo exhibition SHAPED MOMENTS premiered in October 2020. The show documented various encounters, including an exclusive photoshoot with three geishas in Kyoto, Japan. Florian’s artwork can be found in public and private collections worldwide. After living in New York City for over eight years, Florian is now based in Toronto.

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