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  • SUNDOWNER, Crete, Greece by Florian Innerkofler

SUNDOWNER, Crete, Greece by Florian Innerkofler

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Archival Pigment Print


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Medium: Archival pigment print on paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

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Series: Greek Summer

“Crete always fascinated me. Being the biggest of the Greek Islands and the centre of Europe’s first advanced civilisation, the Minoans, around 2000BC, I was always drawn to this historic land.

“What a beauty! The land, the high majestic mountain ranges forming deep gorges, rivers and the most secluded bays which open up to the vast salty ocean.

“When visiting the island years back, we were circling the western half by motorcycle and experienced the ruggedness of this historic island. There were no maps, plan, or destination, only our curiosity to explore, create and capture unforgettable moments where the island’s roughness, dryness, and harshness stands in hard contrast to the beauty and softness of the female body.

“This series is summed up by; sun, heat, salty skin and sensuality, along with the cool reset of diving into the Mediterranean Sea.

“During the trip, we went down a dirt road. We had no idea where it would lead us, but after half an hour, the road opened up to this beautiful beach, where we enjoyed the sunset and cooled off from a dusty afternoon on our bikes. We could feel the dry heat from the African north shore blow in, and it felt like we were all alone on this beach and this magnificent island.

“Halfway into our travels, we arrived in the fishing village of Matala, which in the 1960s housed many hippies in its caves along the shore, created during the Neolithic age. What would it be like being there in the 60s? I imagine it was quite a scene.

“My series captures all those memories we made. Every colour evokes a particular emotion, the rugged island in black and white, the femininity blocked in colours resulting in pure emotion, grace and beauty.

“The series opener is the Island Curves, Crete, Greece, 2023 piece. The dry stone beach, the curves of the road and the bohemian female beauty covered in an abstract version of the Greek flag is the invitation to visit this island and bring this vista back home to your walls.” – Florian Innerkofler



The Artist

Florian Innerkofler

Florian Innerkofler (b. 1977) is a Canadian contemporary photographer born in Innsbruck, Austria. He graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Innsbruck, during which time he began his photography journey. Florian moved to Vienna after graduating cum laude from the State School of Photography. He assisted renowned photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich for multiple years and worked with Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman. As a photographer, Florian travels around the globe on assignments from New York City to Tokyo, exploring East and West and even reaching the remote Arctic Circle. He works for magazines and clients as diverse as Vogue Beauty, Glamour, Marie Claire, L’Orèal Paris, Rimmel London and Universal Music, to name a few. Florian has established himself in the fine art scene with his limited-edition fine art prints. His premier exhibition in Toronto, GLOBUS, showcased a curated collection of photographs captured through his lens. Recently his artwork was featured in the Style section of Toronto’s leading newspapers, the Globe and Mail. Florian’s solo exhibition SHAPED MOMENTS premiered in October 2020. The show documented various encounters, including an exclusive photoshoot with three geishas in Kyoto, Japan. Florian’s artwork can be found in public and private collections worldwide. After living in New York City for over eight years, Florian is now based in Toronto.

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