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  • Yuki XVI (Chiba, Japan) by Formento x Formento

Yuki XVI (Chiba, Japan)
by Formento x Formento

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Archival Pigment Print


Edition Size: Refer 'Details' section.

Sheet Size: Refer 'Details' section. Measurements in cm


Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Archival pigment print on fine art paper, signed, titled, dated and numbered by the artist on verso.


  • Small Format: Limited to 8 + 2 AP
  • Medium Format: Limited to 12 + 2 AP
  • Large Format: Limited to 7 + 2 AP
  • XL Format: Limited to 3 + 2 AP
  • Special Edition: Limited to 1 + 2 AP


  • Small Format: 76.0cm x 50.0cm
  • Medium Format: 114.0cm x 76.0cm
  • Large Format: 152.0cm x 101.0cm
  • XL Format: 228.0cm x 152.0cm
  • Special Edition: 498.0cm x 239.0cm

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist’s studio.

Series: 36

Arty-Fact: In winter of 2018 through spring of 2019, Formento & Formento returned to Japan but focused on channeling the artist Hokusai and asked what Mt. Fuji meant to them.

They consider Japan their spirit place and are always yearning to come back and go deeper in exploring the culture and the landscape.

This body of work [36] moved the duo out of the city of Tokyo and into the countryside. They wanted to live under the ever-changing appearance of Mt. Fuji and experience its burning energy. The series sought to portray an ambiguous narrative using female models to play out an imagined life under the strength of the mountain and beyond the edge of the frame.

The Artist

Formento x Formento

Formento & Formento are known for their romantic and stylish photographs that explore themes of love, loss, longing and the burden of memory. Utilising staged scenes and desaturated colours, the eerie sensuality of their style reveals a fascination with fiction and reality and with mood and texture, where a sense of place figures prominently. Whether they are shooting in America, Europe, Cuba, Mexico, India or Japan, they blend fervent passion for photography and film with a lasting love for one another.

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