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Born into a family of artists, Franco Fasoli is one of the first urban artists to practice in Buenos Aires in the 90s under the name JAZ. He quickly evolves towards muralism, evolving towards a stylized figurative style. It first represents the icons of Argentine culture, then a large bestiary, a metaphorical pretext for a societal and political discourse. Residing between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, he exhibits regularly since 2013 on the American and European continents, showing combats of zoomorphic characters who question the themes of the quest for identity and social divide. In 2015, he decided to put aside his painting to make collages on paper (most often mounted on canvas) in the great tradition of a Matisse. It is with this technique that in 2016, he produced at the MAC in Lyon a very remarkable fresco twelve meters long. The same year, he shows another side of his technicality at the Moscow Street Art Biennale with a monumental sculpture showing a fallen policeman on horseback, as a metaphor for the overthrow of power in Russia, the use of polystyrene and polyurethane highlighting the fragile and ephemeral nature of it. Franco Fasoli continues to produce frescoes around the world, alone or as part of collaborations such as with his compatriot Elian or his friend Conor Harrington. The Openspace Gallery represents him for France.

Argentine, b. 1981

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