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James Ruby Barsalou is a working artist living in Vero Beach, Florida. He received his BA from University of California, Riverside in 2013. Barsalou has been regularly and actively exhibiting nationally and internationally since 2012.

His work seeks to challenge human perception by means of virtual and physical gestures. With the prevalence and accessibility of technology and information, a large majority of human interaction is experienced through a context via a digital channel. His work seeks to organize, identify and interpret this sensory information through the arrangement, creation, and virtual modification of objects and environment. With the aid of digital software and technology Barsalou pulls from his immediate environment to create juxtapositions of representation and reality through installation, photography, and video.

His artistic practice also extends into curatorial and community involved projects. He has curated seven shows in the Greater Los Angeles area with JAHZ Project Space and is the curator for Project Space 1785’s Immediate Delay.

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