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Jenny Brosinski’s minimalist and abstract work of contemporary painting focuses on the gesture of artistic creation. The artist works with materials such as cotton and linen, oil paint, chalk, olive oil, chlorine, lacquer and dirt and consciously shows traces of use – in this way she brings the origin of the materials in the foreground. The washing of the painted and processed canvases in a washing machine brings deliberate coincidence and the aspect of letting happen as an elementary part into her painting. Like gestures, lines and forms appear – strong colors, subtle traces on free surfaces of the canvas bring dynamism, calm and tension. This power and the fragility at the same time while the artistic process happens are clearly at the centre of Jenny Brosinski’s work.

Jenny Brosinski (1984) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the Kunstakademie Weißensee Berlin. Her paintings have been exhibited in many countries around the world, including Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Australia, the USA and Korea.


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