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Jenny Perez Biography

Jenny Perez has created a style which reflects the energy of street art and her admiration for formal abstraction. The finished images found in her newest body of work represent the shadows of her past, and the whispers of her forward journey, as she sees it. The titles of her paintings are simple observations, poetic markers, and moments of change. A strongly driven Caribbean-American artist, Perez paints with a zest for exploration, relentless reworking, editing, a tireless preoccupation with the idea of process as the focal point. Perez’s beginnings as a painter centered around her daily observations of Miami’s golden age of street art. Since being heavily influenced by the street art scene and a number of hugely important street artists who she befriended, Perez has taken her learned skills and carried them into the formal studio setting creating a stylized, electric and experimental language all her own.

Perez’s current body of work explores bright and dark colors on biomorphic shaped canvases. Contrast; the pushing and pulling, breaking, putting back together, creating a spatial feeling, a composition in motion.

Caribbean-American, b. 1987

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