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CANTO XIX. The Simoniacs by Jordi Diaz Alama

CANTO XIX. The Simoniacs by Jordi Diaz Alama

Zebra One



Edition Size: 25

Sheet Size: 100 x 80, 80 x 60 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Verses 25-30

In all of them, the soles were both on fire; Wherefore the joints so violently quivered,
They would have snapped asunder withes and bands.

Even as the flame of unctuous things is wont To move upon the outer surface only,
So likewise was it there from heel to point.


The Artist

Jordi Diaz Alama

Jordi Diaz Alamà was born in Granollers in 1986, he graduated from the Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He also trained at the classical art schools, such as the Florence Academy of Art (Florence) where he learned the techniques used by the great masters of 19th-century painting.

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