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Kathy Kissik Biography

Kathy Kissik is a Miami based artist born in Cumberland, RI. Her work has been described as urban constructivism. Kathy Kissik creates intricate layered paintings with unusual materials and her own altered images. Working with a combination of photography and assemblage, the constructing often suggests the very materials of which the subjects are made. The artist incorporate various mediums to create texture and meaning, and manipulate perspective and weave patterns in unexpected compositions to amplify feelings and spaces. The Bauhaus concept, architecture, history, space, physics, and philosophy inspire Kathy Kissik's creative pursuit. Graduated from The Museum School Boston and Tufts s University where I was a 5th year Traveling Scholar Recipient. This school formed Kathy Kissik development as an artist. Encouraged to try all disciplines; Kissik became aware of all things being potential vehicles for the creative. Most recently, Kathy Kissik trained at The Slade School of Art, London in their summer intensive program. Her interest in physics has led to an ongoing collaboration with CERN’s [email protected] program. Kathy Kissik is always inspired through travel and direct experiences with different cultures. She was an artist in residence at The South Florida Arts Center in Miami Beach, Florida for close to a decade and served on the board as the artist representative for her last two years. Kathy Kissik is a two-time fellowship recipient from The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and has received two Pollock-Krasner Fellowships and three Paul D. Fleck Fellowships to attend residencies at the renowned Banff Center. Kathy Kissik was also an artist in Residence at The Squire Foundation, Santa Barbara in 2016. In 2014 I

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