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Laetitia Lesaffre Biography

“I am a lacquer painter and photographer. My work explores reflection. I take the picture of the subject’s reflection in my canvas. I aim to dissolve the frontier between painting and photography. All my photographs are natural; free of processing or retouching. The grain and the fuzziness reveal the subject’s intimate nature. My pictures become impressionable; they give up the drawing line to keep only the essence of the character. Time is freezing, as if an image was emerging from a dream you couldn’t quite remember when or where it happened. The mirror symbolizes purity of the soul in Asia; it enables self-contemplation. The subject’s reflection works to create its own image, a self-contemplation that allows the character to look within. I’m here to capture this very particular moment when the character lets one’s thoughts run idle. Distorted reflection- like the one emerging from the darkness – is the picture that remains a draft. It’s the one that leaves an impression on the vitality of the subject. As a painter, I attempt to capture the spirit and essence of my subjects by shining light and reflection.”

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