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Lou Ros, who paints and lives in Paris has long approached his artistic journey with a unique hunger for experimentation, and fundamental self discovery. Each of his compositions begin with images of films, both his own and those taken from a variety of social media platforms that he appropriates, exploring, transforming into his narrative; stories of his own from borrowed parts, people and places.

The faces and their bodies are among his key subjects of predilection. Thus, the current series of portraits represent characters, personalities, taken or captured on the spot, in action, in poses, frozen in time. The faces and their bodies, often cut up, changed, edited, fragmented; exist across many layers of various matter, as if to better reach and unveil the individual. The painted subjects found in his paintings offer a wink to the viewer as if to inform the onlooker they are apart of the story too.

A witness to his own time, Lou Ros represents the world as he perceives it in the now, with borrowed images of the past and present. Through bright colors, flashes of light his paintings are poetic and emotionally rich. The finished work, is a sensitive and keenly human representation, delivered in often soft and hazy compositions, like that of ones remembered dreams.

Born in 1984, Lou Ros lives and works in Paris.

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