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Lady Gaga, The Throne by Markus Klinko

Lady Gaga, The Throne by Markus Klinko

Addicted Art Gallery

Chromogenic (C-print)


Edition Size: Refer 'Details' section.

Sheet Size: Refer 'Details' section. Measurements in cm


Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Printed by Weldon Color Lab on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper (chromogenic print)


  • Small Format: Limited to 50
  • Medium Format: Limited to 25
  • Large Format: Limited to 12


  • Small Format: 61.0cm x 50.8cm
  • Medium Format: 101.6cm x 84.1cm
  • Large Format: 152.4cm x 125.6cm

Good To Know: Printed to order, artwork is shipped directly from the artist’s studio

Arty-Fact: “Lady Gaga is one of the most interesting stars in the world right now. I was fascinated with her intelligence, the level of artistry and knowledge that she has, not just in her domain as a singer but also photography, fashion and general art. She is very, very educated and really smart.

“Lady Gaga is one of those women, who, like Madonna, have these super glamorous careers, but they are very intelligent and very much in charge of their own careers. Despite the fact that she has a large entourage of people that work for her, she is completely in charge and she dictates exactly how she works. It’s extremely clear after working with her that nobody tells Gaga what to do, she tells people what to do. She was a great collaborator when we worked with her, we had a wonderful exchange of ideas, but she doesn’t have handlers that tell her what to do. A lot of artists have an entourage of people that handle everything for them, do everything for them, tell them what to do, what to wear, how to look, how to smile, how to talk, but definitely not Gaga. She is not contrived. Everything with Gaga comes naturally – that’s just who she is. She is not fake. She is super cool, fun, and is very, very passionate about what she does.” ~ Markus Klinko

Source: “An Interview with Markus Klinko: Icons, Exhibits, Skinny Models, Model Mayhem” by AvivaH, ModelMayhem, 2013

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